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Chrystal & Josh Sneak-a-Peak

What a beautiful wedding. Small and quaint and man could you feel the love. Their wedding was so smooth and enjoyable. Check out the pics below for best table decoration EVER.

And come back to see the rest later. I have a ton of their adorable kids too that you will WANT to see.

And don’t forget to COMMENT AWAY! I always love the good stuff you all have to say.

This first picture was totally un-staged. The kids decided they would add a touch of their creativity to the wedding. I thought it rocked myself. That’s why it’s first.



“Uncle Marky!” We heard all day how they were going to Uncle Marky’s for Easter and how excited they were to stay with Uncle Marky! Uncle Marky!

Talk about a bear hug! I think this deserves the best picture of their wedding award!

And here were the best table accessories.. we held a short funeral service after the wedding.



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