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Lynn & Olivers "gettin hitched" Sneak-a-Peak

Woo this couple was HOT! Literally… it felt like it was about 90 degrees last Sunday. But they’re not just temperate hot… their modeling skills are a jaw dropper. These photos just tell the perfect story of their sweet and giggly love for each other.

This session was the hardest for me to pick just a few to show you for your Sneak-a-Peak pics, so consider yourselves lucky. You get to view a little more.. and if you want to see even a few more.. click here. Am I good to you or what? ::grin::

Thanks for putting up with the sweating long enough for us to capture your charming relationship.
We are so thrilled to get to be a part of your wedding in 2010.

Thanks Lynn & Oliver for all the laughs Sunday afternoon.

Ow ow! This has got fav written ALL over it! Some captivating eyes huh?


Repetition, mystery.. this is a sexy photo.

Fun fun fun

I love the bold and black. And Lynn used to be a blonde..

This is cute little Cloe.. her tongue always pointed up. It made me laugh.

The “family portrait”

And this is the crazy/beautiful “Prince”

Uw.. This one does it doesn’t it..I feel like I’m in it.


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