Keepsake boxes + studio samples

I love these. What a simple idea.. I used to take shoe boxes you know, when we were kids, and we’d decorate them or buy fancy ones at the store to fill up with our lovely memories…

Well now we have something as beautiful as a keepsake box, a high-end and creative way to display your professional images or even your newborns baby shoes, fingerprints and keepsakes on your coffee table.  My 5×7″ and 4×6″ keepsake boxes hold up to 100 images. And yes, I love tangible products. It’s also a great way to get those portraits from discs, actually “printed” to love on and share with guests who come over.    I got the one for my mom for her birthday with our family on it, in the pink circles-to match my moms warm living room, and everyone just LOVES it. She took it to work like a little portfolio piece to share, and her friends went crazy.

Definitely a favorite for my spring families and couples! And a perfect Mother’s Day gift {wink}

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Keepsake boxes, Image box, print portfolio, Jana Marie Photography, Kansas City portrait photographer
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