I am a traveling STORYTELLER photographer & humanitarian telling epic life stories around the globe. proving you can be both a goofball & hopeless romantic, , you can find me cuddling with fur creatures on the couch with my laptop, a glass of milk and a husband singing his angelic chords for me as background music. 

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A day outdoors

I am in love with this weather. It is perfect.. and my animals are loving it too. Minus the fact that I have to wear dirty ole’ sweat pants and a long sleeve t-shirt due to the fact that I have one of the craziest dogs alive that will jump all over me AND that no matter where in the world I am, those mosquitos WILL FIND ME! Seriously.. I sat on my back porch tonight covered from head to toe in sweats and had about 35 swarming me. This is WITH bug spray and a full attire of clothes on. So I was a mass murderer with high hopes that if I sat there long enough I could kill them all.


Once I laid in the yard to start snapping those pics of the nut pup below, I could see hundreds above the horizon of the blades of grass. EEK. Well, I have been trying for years to figure out how to get even the slightest snap shot of my crazy dog.. Well HERES YOUR SIGN.. the answer=GIVE THE DOG A BONE! Now I know, I know. Not too hard of a thing to think about.. but you guys don’t understand.. I have to wear protection to go outside just to feed the dog.. and that’s not JUST for the tiny biters in the grass.

So here’s what I got out of this beautiful sunshine today. As you can see below, the queen bee kitty guarding what she calls her “kingdom” on the porch, was NOT havin it. Some of these crack me up.

Introducing my dog Jersey.

I didn’t think a tongue could look so strange.

I had to take advantage of this moment and snap away. Needless to say, I enjoyed the results.

Yum! This is taking some concentration.

And here’s the fat Tipsy. Thinking “what a dumb dog.”

The “please get out of my face” look. I swear she’s a 16 year old teenage girl, reincarnated into a super large cat.

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