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I am a traveling storyteller; a photographer & educator telling epic life stories around the globe. We are based out of Kansas City or wherever you're from.  Proving you can be both a goofball & romantic. If not adventuring, you can find me cuddling with my fur babies on the couch with my laptop & a cold glass of milk, renovating an old vintage trailer of some sort with my husband or climbing trees with our kids outdoors.

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Photographers.. break up with dvds, get Pass!

PASS sites, galleries with showit, Katelyn James, Jana Marie Photos


PASS – A new way to share your photos from Showit on Vimeo.

Pass has literally knocked my socks off. It doesn’t take much to excite me, but when there is a product that has been made to make not only MY business life better, but my clients life easier, then I’ve got to give them a huge round of applause.

PASS sites, galleries with showit, Katelyn James, Jana Marie Photos


PASS was started by Showit, another amazing product I’m growing to love and thinking about switching to for more customizations. The new PASS galleries are aesthetically sleek AND are so easy to use. I actually have two accounts, one for my photography business, see example here, and another for my Banana Who? Booth business.

PASS galleries, For PhotographersPASS sample gallery, Banana Who Booth, KC photo booths

Why PASS galleries Jana? The biggest thing: “When we take or receive a photo, we want to show it and share it with friends and family immediately.” PASS is ALL about sharing and it has been DRASTICALLY easier to share your images with these new galleries!

I love the simplicity, and the rapid attention each gallery has been getting. It tracks how many visitors view the images and it grows to the thousands in MINUTES after posting. THAT effective. Or you can set a password on the gallery for the couple if they choose to do so with the upgraded galleries.

PASS image views, PASS premier galleries

For photographers, its easy to get PASS. And its FREE! Anyone can use PASS.. or you can always purchase the $29 upgrade, which is what I do for my clients so they can have their gallery for a whole TEN years. Believe it or not, it can be totally free. If you choose to upgrade the event that you share, you’ll get additional benefits like keeping the event up for a full 10 years, 10 years of secure backups to the cloud, the opportunity to select VIPS so you can invite the wedding professionals in to view just their products, and even the ability to download all the images at once. So I choose to do this for my wedding clients so that they dont have to “one by one” download each image (with there being thousands of images). If you had a smaller gallery such as a senior session, you could totally do the free gallery as it’s much easier for them to download and share just the few they want.

PASS premier, PASS for photographers, Jana Marie Photography, Showiteers

And you can now order PROFESSIONAL PRINTS at a radical price (if it’s offered to that particular gallery). There are only three size opens at the time (4×6, 5×7, and 8×12) but you can still order more print sizes, canvas and float wraps from my professional lab through my online GALLERY here: www.JanaMariePhotos-gallery.com

Pass galleries, ordering options, Photography galleries, Jana Marie Photography


I highly recommend everyone start using it. Not only is it an easy tool on the web, but it comes with a free PASS apps for your phone or tablets. If you aren’t convinced, or are a little confused, see this awesome video below. And remember, if you just really aren’t that tech ready, we can always send you a USB at an a.la.carte item.


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