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January 23, 2020
Foster story

A foster child’s truest story



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I am a traveling storyteller; a photographer & educator telling epic life stories around the globe. We are based out of Kansas City or wherever you're from.  Proving you can be both a goofball & romantic. If not adventuring, you can find me cuddling with my fur babies on the couch with my laptop & a cold glass of milk, renovating an old vintage trailer of some sort with my husband or climbing trees with our kids outdoors.

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I need this!

For those of you who didn’t know or missed our announcement in Nov of 2018 on Instagram, we are foster parents. Proud foster parents. We have two amazing little nuggets and started fostering them in 2018 and early 2019. While understanding the need for privacy and not sharing too much, I do however want to share our journey and more awareness about fostering and adoption here on my blog. I want my home in the internet to be a safe place, a place about life and love, and a place of education on all the things we hold so near to us. This is our story. And this is their story.

I sit here in tears. I watched again. From the first time we saw it in our fostering classes, I decided to watch again. To remind myself what these kids go through. That when they’re throwing a fit over nothing that there lies a deeper hurt inside. A past I cannot understand. Because of my lack of understanding, I sometimes feel like I fail them.

It doesn’t matter how much training, the seed of hurt is always there. The void that something is missing. That void we cannot fill.

But you know what I can do? What we as foster and adoptive parents CAN do? We can show them they are loved behind their wildest dreams. We can remind them they are worthy. That their circumstances DON’T define them. And that they are safe.

When I am frustrated due to an outburst, I need the gentle reminder to put my pride aside. It could have nothing to do with this current situation yet it is important to remind them their feelings are still valid.

We CAN do something about this friends. Kids by the masses are going through this in our very neighborhoods. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly. This is their truest story.

BUT, we CAN make a difference.

Foster and adoption awareness is so important to me. Please ask me any questions if you have any.

Most importantly, please take a minute to watch this video and understand that there are thousands of kids who live and breath this story every day. How can YOU make a difference?

Just ask me. I’ll help answer any questions in any way I can.

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