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July 4, 2020

Freedom comes with a great cost!


Freedom comes with a great cost!


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I am a traveling storyteller; a photographer & educator telling epic life stories around the globe. We are based out of Kansas City or wherever you're from.  Proving you can be both a goofball & romantic. If not adventuring, you can find me cuddling with my fur babies on the couch with my laptop & a cold glass of milk, renovating an old vintage trailer of some sort with my husband or climbing trees with our kids outdoors.

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I need this!

“FREEDOM ISN’T FREE” my dad always said. It’s been free for no one. And a large majority of our Americans, freedom has come as an insanely great cost.

On today’s 4th of July, I struggle with my own feelings on what to celebrate, when and why. I feel I can’t choose the right words, but I must try.

May I encourage and ask you to lay down your humility with me right now and have an open heart and listening ears.


  • Most of my white friends probably won’t continue reading.
  • Most definitely my white men friends won’t read at all. They’ll stop here.
  • This is not a post about politics. It’s not a post about religion. It’s not a post about anything other than LOVING HUMANS!


“Oh but Jana not here, not on your business page.”

It must be here!

My business is a part of me; a direct reflection of who I am and how I cherish, love, interact and take care of the animals, the people and the world around me. Yes here, because of my clients. Yes here, because of my colored friends, family & clients, it must be here. Not as a fad, as a part of our woven being in this creation. We will always stand up for injustice and for what’s right. Even if against what our country has been founded on and still today rings deep in the blood of America.


So 4th of July. I’m quite mad, quite frustrated. More that I’ve been completely blinded, brainwashed, along with thousands and thousands for generations. It’s exactly what they wanted!


In your world, someone comes to the place you call home and kidnap your child, it’s a tragedy the city shuts down until they’re returned safely home. Sadly, years ago grown white men went into many village unbeknown to their people, kidnapped NOT ONLY children, but grown men. Brutally beating them in front of their children and spouses, kidnapping whole families, raping their women, showing that they are all powerful and they are powerless. They KIDNAPPED them friends.

We can’t stop listening here.


Unwillingly took human beings by the THOUSANDS who were living peacefully with their families they dreamed of raising, we’ve now created intense trauma beyond understanding for thousands of them for life. For generations and generations. We brought them across the seas on ships and forced them to work like animals. ANIMALS shouldn’t even be treated this way. They spewed hate and bigotry, lies and belittled their self worth making them feel ashamed of who they were. And when they stood up for themselves, we in turn called them the evil ones. Our society still does. *Brainwashed. Truth skewed.*

Then you know what “we white Christian men” did? We created a country formed in faith, love, devoted to God saying how every person was created in the image of God. Our white preachers preached to our black enslaved people that they were free in God’s spirit, but somehow bastardizing the Bible saying they were however, also NOT free in their bodies and minds.



What. A. Tragedy.


We’ve failed them friends. The white man has built a system FOR white people to prevail, for us to live in peace having NO idea that the systems for years and years even following slavery, were built against colored people to ultimately fail them, hurt them, oppress them and work for US. All the while, we continue to live in comfort having NO IDEA that this stuff is still going on in our modern day world. I strongly encourage everyone to watch the Netflix documentary “13th.” A powerful educational tool.


Freedom doesn’t come free!

To my close friend who died at war fighting for us to be free, for my great grandpa who died at war fighting for us to be free, for literally every single colored person who unwillingly went through hell for the “rest of the” world to be free, I only celebrate the 4th of July for you. Not because I’m in the place I’m in, because I feel you, I hear you, I’m grateful for you and I feel horribly guilty to have been a part of this system.

But I can help change it. And I will! I vow to use my voice for good always!


So why do I celebrate today?

  • I celebrate to the few who stand up against racism, rape, hate and everything that comes with any of these words.
  • I celebrate to the masses who have been murdered standing up peacefully to make great changes in our country.
  • I celebrate to the ones who are raising their voices today with passion, power, grace, who are fighting to make a difference today.
  • SO THAT, ALL, literally ALL of our human heartbeats of the world, and our country can be FREE in their minds, their bodies, and FREE in the maker of the universe.


Friends, we are all made in the image of God. Every human has a greater purpose than we realize. You are valued. You are heard. You are seen. You are loved. And I celebrate today for YOU! My black friends, my brown friends, my yellow, orange, friends.

Today I celebrate today because of YOU!


Let us not forget what our country was TRULY built on. It was and has been painful. It is not a place of freedom. We are at constant war still, for freedom for ALL!


I will continue to educate myself both on what this country of the United States of America was truly built on and what little (or big) part I can do to make tomorrow a better place for everyone.


I encourage you to do the same.


If you’ve made it to the end, I wish you a safe and happy 4th of July no matter where you are and I hope you understand how powerful YOU are, how big of an impact YOU can make and how valuable your worth is. Be the light in a dark world friends!


For those of you who want to continue reading about some inspirational words I’ve been moved by, brought to tears by and educated by, please come follow my Instagram page under the BLM stories. Some of the most powerful I’ve posted below.


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