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Float Wrap | cluster

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite professional products I offer. The mysterious “float wrap.” How does it hang? It is printed on photographic paper and laminated with a mounting block on the back. You can get it in a nice satin-y finish or the metallic shine like you see on all of the images except for the bottom left “Bliss” image. Turning so that the light hits the products a certain way gives it that POP to radiate throughout your home.  Once I put these studio samples in my office, I’ve sold very little canvas. I DO love the canvas too, but at the same price, my couples and families love getting the more unique product so they can “wow” their friends.

And with all the tons of creative ways to hang your images any more, it gets really fun. You can do what I call a “cluster” of images like you see here, or you can even buy (3) 20″x20″ and hang them side by side above your bed. One BIG images will be bold above your fire place as well, so think outside the box, look around your home to see where you’d enjoy your professional products the most, and shoot me a email so we can schedule your session.

See more examples here. MPIX Pro, Photography products, Kansas City family portraits, Wall art, Float

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Image sizes are as follows: Top left to right: (2) 11×14’s, 16×20, 16×24 | Bottom left to right: 20×30, 16×20, (2) 10×20


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